Sanskrit for everyone -

How can you learn Sanskrit?

Repetition without anxiety is the key. You may find it comforting - as Jo does - to realize that it's impossible to "finish" learning Sanskrit. We're learning to float in the ocean, not trying to drink it! The beauty of the language unfolds gradually as we come back to it again and again. And there are wonderful rewards even at the beginning of the journey.

What’s the best way to start?

You can start with sound – so wonderful – or you can start with meaning – also incredibly marvelous. Either way, once you’re in, you’ll eventually want to do the other! So it almost doesn’t matter. Whatever is drawing you to this beautiful language, you will uncover more and more reasons to love spending time with Sanskrit as you follow the path. When you are ready to begin, pick the way that works for you!

How do I "start with sound"? And how do I "start with meaning"?

How can I bring Sanskrit to my students and colleagues?

What about more advanced study? And what if I can't make it to Sanskrit classes?


Alphabet by the American Sanskrit Institute.

Thank you so much for your interest and don't hesitate to write with any questions you may have. Jo would be honored to help you on your quest!




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