Sanskrit - continued study

What about more advanced study?

Once you've made your start in studying Sanskrit - what opportunities are there to take your studies to the next step?

Try Jo's more advanced classes! She tries to offer at least one weekend course each year that’s perfect for people who have completed the Sanskrit Weekend and either Sanskrit II or a few sessions of her ongoing courses. In 2011, we are looking forward to Praise and Poetry, August 6-7. See events >>

And once each year, usually in June, she teaches a one-week immersion in vyakarana, Sanskrit’s intricate and gorgeous science of grammar. This year, it's June 27 through July 2, all about verbs! See events >>

Jo is available for lessons in person or by skype for those who want to continue or have a special area of interest to explore. Contact Jo >>

What if I can’t make it to Sanskrit courses?

Please check out the home study materials offered by the American Sanskrit Institute.

For beginners, Introduction to Sanskrit is essentially the Sanskrit Weekend on three CDs with comprehensive notes included. Sanskrit by CD is an outstanding course – it’s how Jo learned Sanskrit and she recommends it very highly. (Note that Introduction to Sanskrit is the same as the first of Sanskrit by CD’s 12 chapters.) Sanskrit by CD may seem pricy compared to a textbook, but beginners do need sound to start learning Sanskrit. We can’t recommend any approach that lacks an audio component.

For continuing your studies - Once you've attended three or four meetings of Jo's ongoing courses, or completed three or four lessons of Sanskrit by CD - you'll have everything you need to start studying the Yoga Sutra Workbook on your own. And you’ll also then be more than ready to start soaking up the beautiful and helpful “language maps” in the Sanskrit Atlas. ASI also offers several home study courses that are cross referenced to the Atlas – They are fun and wonderful as you get into the later chapters of Sanskrit by CD.

Thank you so much for your interest and don't hesitate to write with any questions you may have. Jo would be honored to help you on your quest!

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