Sanskrit can come to you

How can I bring Sanskrit to my students and colleagues?

The Sanskrit Weekend is a wonderful and distinctive addition to a yoga teacher training. (Let Jo know if you'd like to speak to teacher trainers who've made this decision.) This is an amazing romp through the alphabet, playfully discovering each sound in our palates - the best possible introduction to flawless pronunciation.

It's an easy workshop to present to the general public as well. Your students and colleagues will come away feeling a profound connection to the yoga tradition - not only because of the time we spend feeling new sounds, but also because we take care to approach the learning experience purposefully, using the foundational principles of yoga philosophy.

Sanskrit II is the perfect follow up. The weekend intensive format allows for a thorough review of reading and pronunciation, and a gentle introduction to next steps. Participants have the opportunity to

  • Master compound consonants (again both visually and in terms of sound)
  • Learning how sounds blend in Sanskrit - sandhi
  • Take a first look at Sanskrit's intricate and powerful grammar - for a true and direct connection to meaning.

Jo can and does travel to make this teaching available. Costs and minimum enrollments depend on what's involved in getting to you.

If you are located in the greater NYC metro area and would like your students to experience Sanskrit, we can make that happen even if you can't spare 14 hours from your curriculum. Jo can design a lovely one-day workshop tailored to what you want for your students. Choose from a menu of topics - Examples include the yoga sutras and yoga philosophy, mantra and invocation, using sound in practice, and pronunciation of asana names. Jo would be happy to discuss the details with you! Contact >>

At the end of a week-long intensive in January 2011 - having experienced the Sanskrit Weekend and Sanskrit II wrapped into one. Pictured here: Kim, Jo, Mary, Mariya, Leigh and Ed. All still smiling!

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